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The book will be published in may 2022.

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Expect the unexpected! And about 135 lush images printed on high quality recycled paper. Images of deserted places in Japan, an essay which will give some much needed information and personal notes of the autor on their adventures. 

The next exhibition is planned for 24 September 2022 at Nieuwegracht 205 (Refectiehuis, Utrecht, The Netherlands). Visiting the exhibition is free and you are welcome every Friday, Saturday & Sunday until the 9th of October 2022.

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Visiting the exhibition is free! 

This is, of course, possible. The works at the exhibition are a limited edition of 10 – please email us to find out more.

Some of the other images on this website are also available as limited editions prints. Please tell us which image(s) you are interested in to hear more about availability. 


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