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“The Lost World” is more than just a photo book — it’s an homage to the country she loves and respects.

THE LOST WORLD - The Photobook

For The Lost World, Limburg made a wonderful selection from the thousands of images she shot at the magical, deserted locations she found in Japan. She could not pass all these forgotten places without capturing them obsessively. The voyeuristic images are accompanied by an introduction by Liza Dalby (author of the bestseller “Geisha” and “Kimono: Fashioning Culture”), personal notes and an in-depth essay on the cultural phenomenon Akiya by Japanologist J. Smit. 

The result is a dystopian yet intimate book that offers a glimpse into a world without people. Limburg’s work is personal, dreamy, sometimes spooky and a combination of human remnants and wild nature. The atmosphere of the book is similar to Miyazaki’s classic “Spirited Away”.

This limited edition book is big (24x34cm – 176 pages with over 130 images) and due to the deep colours, choice of paper and unusual cover, it is a true gift to give or receive. You can order one HERE.

“Many congratulations on this lovely and melancholy book with it’s beautiful images of hope and despair.”

“Photographer Maan Limburg found these places hard to ignore. Unremarkable or just depressing to Japanese, who might easily pass by without sparing a thought, they spoke wordlessly to her. She was drawn in to investigate, photograph, and preserve the eerie echoes of their solitude in her evocative photographs.” 

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Photographs from The Lost World by Maan Limburg

“In almost every respect, Japanese are keen to preserve traditional culture. Except when they’re not.” – Liza Dalby

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